What do I do after I get my fax confirmations?


If you are contacted by a creditor, follow these instructions:


  • 1) Scan and email, fax or mail us any collection letters (not monthly statements).

    2) Write down any conversations you have on the phone with a collector.  Get:

                 a. The person’s name

                 b. Their company’s name

                 c. The date, day and time of the call

                 d. The name of the creditor they are calling for (if they are a “third party” collector)

                 e. If you have a confirmation slip that they got your letter, tell them

                 f. If they didn’t or if they are new to you, get their fax number and tell them you’ll be faxing a letter describing your situation

                g. Tell us what they told you

    3) You can scan what you have written down and email it to us at:  info@icantpay.info or you can fax it to:      1-312-263-1637 or you can mail it to:

                 I Can't Pay/Heartland Financial Services, LLC

                180 N. Michigan Ave, Ste. 908

                Chicago, IL  60601

    4)  You can also call us at:  1-888-332-8066.